President's Message

mia-foto-definitiva-1.jpgDear Fellow Colleagues,

it was an immense honor and also a great satisfaction to have contributed to the success of our Chapter Charter Ceremony on May 29th.

I sincerely thank those who participated directly, also taking on the burden of a trip to Milan, but I also thank those who could not be with us that day.

The quality of the interventions, the availability of the speakers and the professionalism of the staff made available by IMA EUROPE allowed the guests to enjoy an afternoon of high level training.

This event marks the OFFICIAL beginning of the Chapter Activities, their continuation will also depend on the contribution of all to the Development of our Italian CHAPTER.

I urge you to point out projects, proposals, needs and suggestions to animate the life of our Chapter.

The current Board of Directors is working on the definition of the 2018/2019 goals and in the coming months we will have our first Assembly of the CHAPTER, hopefully immediately after the summer break.

Francesco Aldo De Luca